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Lovely Grid

Lovely Grid

Lovely Grid

Structure your code, don't limit your designs.

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Why use Lovely CSS?

Because it's a very simple and straight forward way to build grid based applications. It has no fluff or extra weight. There's very little to learn, so you can get up and running in no time.

Custom Grids

This is one of the most flexible grid systems out there. You declare the number of columns, the gutter and total width you desire. A custom CSS will be built for your personal use.


Lovely CSS is designed to be used as a hosted service. You can setup your grid system and use it directly from our servers. Use the Grid Builder to setup your framework, and start building.

Yeah, but is it responsive?

Although very simple and lightweight, we've managed to pack a punch into this lovely grid system. Lovely CSS comes packaged with a responsive architecture, which is easier to use than explain. You will build responsive applications, without even trying…

What else is included

There's a bunch of small helper classes which work well in complementing the main grid system.